Timur Doumler is the co-host of CppCast, the most popular podcast about C++, and an active member of the ISO C++ standard committee, where he currently serves a co-chair of SG21, the Contracts study group.

Timur started his journey into C++ in computational astrophysics, where he was working on cosmological simulations. He then moved into the audio and music technology industry, where he has spent over a decade. His former jobs included Native Instruments (developing cross-platform libraries and leading the development of Kontakt), ROLI (working on JUCE, BLOCKS, and NOISE), and Cradle (as co-founder and CTO).

Apart from audio and music technology, Timur also worked for JetBrains, first as a developer on CLion’s C++ parser and later as a Developer Advocate for C++ developer tools.

Currently, Timur lives in Finland, where he works as an independent C++ consultant. As a side project, he developers the Crill library. Apart from coding, he regularly give talks at conferences and meetups and organises the monthly C++ Helsinki meetup.