Hi! My name is Timur Doumler. I am a C++ developer specialising in audio and music technology. Currently, I work as an independent consultant. My previous jobs were at Native Instruments (developing cross-platform libraries and working on Kontakt), ROLI (working on JUCE, BLOCKS, and NOISE), and JetBrains (developing the C++ frontend of the CLion IDE).

Apart from coding, I like doing community-facing work. I am currently serving as Conference Chair of the Audio Developer Conference, and I am co-hosting the Audio Programmer Virtual Meetup. I tend to hang out on the #include<C++> Discord, where I’m one of the moderators. I also give talks at conferences, but I will only attend one if it has a Code of Conduct in place.

I am an active member of the C++ standard committee, where I try to proxy the audio tech community. Please let me know how we can make C++ better!

My pronouns are he/him.