Hi! My name is Timur Doumler. I am a C++ developer specialising in audio and music technology and developer tools. I co-founded the music technology startup Cradle, where I served as CTO for 2.5 years, and I’m still involved in Cradle as an advisor and board member.

My current main job is Developer Advocate for C++ tools at JetBrains. Previously I worked there as a software engineer, developing the C++ frontend of the CLion IDE. Other past engineering jobs include Native Instruments (developing cross-platform libraries and leading the development of Kontakt), and ROLI (working on JUCE, BLOCKS, and NOISE). As a side project, I am currently developing the Crill library. Apart from coding, I regularly give talks at conferences and meetups.

I am an active member of the ISO C++ standard committee, where I am currently serving as the co-chair of the Contracts study group (SG21). I am also representing the interests of the audio tech community and other low-latency applications, and the needs of IDEs and other developer tools. Please let me know how we can make C++ better!

My pronouns are he/him.